Sunday, August 16, 2015

Golden Egg Coaching Opportunity

If you've been using Beachbody products for some time now and have grown to love the lifestyle and constantly have people asking you "what are you doing?"  
It's about time you did something about it and join a team, so you can start paying it forward! If you've ever had a passion for fitness, health and helping others and a desire to quit your JOB and work from home, now is the time to act on it! 

Maybe you are just starting your journey to better health. This is the PERFECT Opportunity for you!! I know what you are thinking.... I have so much weight to lose. Nobody will join my team. WRONG!!! So many people will be inspired by you and can relate to you and your story. They will want to join you!!

 I am a 2 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach! Over the last 3 years, I had to personally learn for myself how to Help Others achieve their Health and Fitness goals and then Build a Successful Team of Coaches that Do the same! I was my own teacher and I was able to build an amazing team called TEAM DESTINY! Now, I'm my own Boss!

I have a LIFE CHANGING opportunity for you, if you've been considering becoming a Beachbody Coach! I'm Ready to open up my 2nd Business Center under you!!

What does this mean for you? This means that I'm building your business!! This means you have a HUGE opportunity!

*if you are already a coach, sorry :( If not, HURRY - only 7 days till this chance closes!

Team Destiny is Destined for Greatness!
What does that mean to me? 
  • It means we are passionate about what we do.
  • It means we are financially seeing success because we are helping others.
  • It means we are setting goals for our businesses and hulk stomping all over them.
  • It means we hustle with heart.

How do we make income? 
We promote healthy living while getting fit. We share our journey with others. We wear yoga pants to work… or we work during our lunch breaks… or wherever our cell phone takes us. We work the hours we can. We create our own terms of success.

Are You Wanting More Out of Life? Out of your Career?
Do you have that itch? 
That gut feeling?
The scratch that says, there’s gotta be more… 
This is it. 
This is YOUR MORE…

What’s the golden egg? 
It’s me, personally extending an offer to place you in a POSITION that others would give their right arm for. 
It’s a position that will grow wildly, fast. So it will go to those serious about growing the business.
It’s a position that only until you are placed there could you possibly understand the potential. 
My coaches and I will be creating volume for your team! 
This is a DREAM spot. 

No I am not giving you my left arm but, I am giving YOU my left leg.
It's a big deal. 
*serious inquiries only 
*non-coaches only

This is the ultimate gift I could give to ANYONE ready to get healthy, inspire others, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and start creating their own destiny. 
This is your freedom.

This Egg hatches on August 30th!!!

Together we will begin a business blueprint for you to create and duplicate a system of success.  The apprenticeship begins September and I cannot wait to work with you!

Can't wait to get to work! Join me on

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