Saturday, March 21, 2015

6 Tips to become a Rockstar Coach and create a life you LOVE

6 Tips on How to KICK BUTT in this business & create a life you love!

Some of you may be thinking... "Well it's easy for her because..." or "She's so lucky because..." I thought that TOO!! (about all the Successful coaches out there! haha)

Lets stop the pity party and get you on the road to success! But before we go on...understand that there is no "secret sauce" or magic potion.


Start with YOU

You can be your biggest cheerleader OR your greatest enemy. Be careful with how to speak to yourself. If you have negative self beliefs that hold you back- identify them.
(Ex: I'm such an unorganized person! I never follow through with anything! I don't have the time! I'm just meant to be fat!)

If that is your inner voice, gosh, it's not very friendly or inspiring.  Stop defining yourself with these beliefs! Take each one and write the opposite on a notecard.
(Ex: I am an organized and I follow through and achieve MY goals!)
If you catch yourself saying negative things, repeat your positive mantra over and over until you feel it!
Don't look at others with envy- use them as inspiration and challenge yourself to take one step closer to your goal each day.
If you don't believe in yourself, do you think people will be inspired to follow you?  Probably not.
If you aren't drinking your Shakeology daily, eating healthy and doing your workouts, do you think people will be inspired to do theirs?
Light the path for others =)

Consistency is Key!  
I cannot emphasize this point enough.
“The path to success is through a continuum of mundane, unsexy, unexciting, and sometimes difficult daily disciplines compounded over time” - Darren Hardy  
While the process of success isn't attractive, sexy or fun, the RESULTS are!
Don't expect instant results- change is not immediate. And consider this...your friends and family (the people who have witnessed every silly thing you've ever done...) need some proof! They need to see a track record of success before they jump on this bandwagon. If you're one foot out the door...if you're not being consistent...that sends a message to them that you aren't serious about this or that you don't completely believe it in. Actions speak louder than words. Show up everyday.
Don't be afraid to fail. It's how your learn
When you were a baby, you learned to walk on your FIRST try?!?! ...yea me neither.
As a child, you understand the value in failure. Each time you fail, you learn...adjust your approach...and try again.
So why does the idea of failing seem so scary as an adult? The sooner you realize that failing is another word for "learning", the sooner you can build an amazing business. Check your ego at the door.
"It's the start that stops most people" but not you."
Have you ever owned your own business? I have not. I learned everything I know through good ole fashioned failing....and GOOGLE
Do not wait around for training from someone else or rely on your upline coach to grow your business. Take OWNERSHIP of your education.
As you think of your future team, I'm sure you would love to see some independent/take charge kind of people. They are out there- they are looking for a leader who has what they want. Become that leader!
You attract the type of coach that you are.
If you don't know how to do something or you need an answer, there is no shortage of FREE tools to train you and help you figure it out.
While you shouldn't wait around for your upline- they are always willing to help! Contact your Star Diamond upline to see what trainings they offer!

Treat your business like a Business  
You don't fail to show up for work & expect to get a paycheck. Your business is no different- if you aren't putting in the effort, you can't expect to see results.
There is a difference between being productive and "busywork."
Busywork could be "finding the perfect motivation picture on pinterest" - for three hours.
scrolling through your Facebook news feed. While I love doing both of those things, they are not HELPING anyone and they are not growing my business. The best thing to do is work from a list.
Set up "office hours" Meaning set aside some time to work on your business (even if it's only 15 min at a time), and create a workspace! For me, that was a tiny old desk. But I busted out a planner and got to work!
Don't fall into the perfection trap
I can give you guidance and advice all day long...but unless you are willing to implement won't see results. Maybe you like lists/order and everything wrapped up with a tight little "Here's- how-to-Work-your-BB-business" Bow...but this business is unique for everyone. I get it - it can be overwhelming.
I relate this to remodeling your kitchen- the PROSPECT of choosing everything seems FUN at first...but soon...when you're faced with picking the tile, the grout color, the paint color, the knobs on the can get OVERWHELMED and FROZEN with FEAR.
BEWARE of the "trap" - wanting everything to be so perfect that you never make ANY choices or take ANY action because you don't want to mess it up'll end up without a business (or a kitchen lol)

Come to terms with the fact that it IS going to be a learning experience- and you will have to "fail forward". In fact, you will probably SUCK. You'll prob suck at a lot of things at first.
I still learn everything simply by googling it and watching successful people from afar LOL (
I had ZERO experience...I've built my business on three things 1. Consistency 2. Persistence 3. Good old fashioned trial and error

"Cozy up with T&E (trial and error) because it's about your become your BFF."

You've got this! You have so many tools to build this business! Remember the mission, our purpose, your goals and just lead with your heart.
If you have people's best interest at heart and you plug away a little each day, I PROMISE YOU, you will look back and be amazed at what you've built.

I look back and I'm blown away. Beachbody has changed my life completely. From the friendships, personal growth and maturity to FREEDOM!

I know first hand what an unbelievable BLESSING this business can be- I believe in you guys! If you are reading KNOW you are meant for greatness!
Go out there are SHINE!!!









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